Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing – marketing that the recipient will appreciate

I help companies build a solid foundation to increase awareness, generate new leads and grow revenue. Inbound Marketing reduces manual work and increases sales. It’s a combination of methods used across platforms that produces the best results.

Inbound marketing – Give them what they want, when they need it

The way businesses find their customers has changed in recent years. Traditional marketing doesn’t carry the weight it once did and consumers are overwhelmed with information from all directions.

With Inbound Marketing, the target audience gets the information they’re looking for in the way they want to receive it. It’s a modern approach to marketing – earning the recipient’s interest. Inbound Marketing is about understanding the customer’s needs and offering value in what you communicate. It delivers long-term profitable marketing, better customer relationships and increased revenue.

And when companies deliver engaging and valuable content, it gives the recipient a reason to return – again and again.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing based on bringing in new customers, rather than actively selling through cold outreach.

The methodology of inbound marketing means that you can grow your business more and faster by informing, educating and satisfying potential customers with informative content along with great service. Quality content attracts people to your site, and personalized service keeps them coming back to learn more, until they’re ready to buy from you.

Inbound marketing is a big concept, with many aspects and tactics that are useful and relevant for businesses in the digital era we live in today. However, it’s a big paradigm shift, making it difficult for many companies to build the knowledge themselves.

This is where inbound marketing experts like me come in to help you.


Who is an Inbound Marketing Expert?

An inbound marketing expert is a person whose expertise lies in implementing inbound marketing tactics – both for themselves and for their clients.

Inbound marketing experts prioritize smart, measurable growth for their clients. They work with clients to develop comprehensive inbound marketing strategies that both teams can use to bring in leads and get better conversions.

If you offer and deliver the best content, the most information, and get positive, quality interactions, then you’re likely to be the company that wins.

Inbound marketing helps your customers make informed decisions

I help you improve your marketing by providing the right content, to the right people, at the right time. I support you with inbound marketing, CRM implementation, consulting, migration, integrations and so much more.


Different Stages of Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing wheel is the new way to conceptualize how the inbound marketing method works. It puts the customer first and at the centre, helping you maintain momentum instead of thinking about each customer’s specific beginning and end in interacting with your company. The inbound marketing driver emphasizes three specific stages with inbound marketing tactics to support each stage:


You’re looking for qualified leads, right? Here’s how to get them. Your goal for the “Attract” step is to get more visitors to your site, introduce them to your product or service and answer any questions they might have.

Blogs, social media posts, and interesting information on a problem that a persona might have – all of these will attract qualified leads to your site.


You have attracted visitors. Now you need to talk to them. The Engage stage is about connecting in a specific and personal way that gives them the absolute best experience possible.

In-depth content with offers and direct engagement through social media and email marketing are very good tactics for engagement.


Is the sale closed? Great! Get your customers to become ambassadors. They love your products and your company – encourage them to share their experience with others.

Continue to nurture your customers with the best service possible and with content that helps them better use your products so they’ll be happy to continue interacting with your company.

How I help your Inbound Marketing efforts

I implement inbound marketing strategies to create growth for your clients. All of the inbound marketing tactics I use are created to drive qualified traffic, convert qualified leads, and ultimately to acquire more of the customers that make your inbound marketing wheel turn consistently. Here is the breakdown of the services that I provide and how I tailor them to generate growth for your business.


Inbound Marketing & Website Strategy

Your website is the hub of all the actions in an inbound marketing strategy and that’s why it’s so important to have a good one. I start by building your site so that it becomes a solid foundation for the rest of your growth strategies.

  • Specifically designed for you
  • Search engine optimized for all responsive devices
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate and attractive
  • Lead generation engine

Your site is more than a list of content for your products, services and contact details. It is the foundation of your inbound strategy. It needs to look good, but it also needs to perform.

inbound marketing website strategy


Inbound Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to be at the top of the first page? Welcome to SEO. Search Engine Optimization is about your business showing up in the results when someone searches for your products or services. SEO involves the process of optimizing your site, blog or other aspects of your inbound marketing strategy to raise your positioning in the search engines and for their algorithms.

My SEO process has three general steps:

inbound marketing seo

Keyword Analysis

I do an analysis and produce a report that identifies the keywords for which you are visible and ranking. I look at high search volume and low competition to boost your site’s visibility quickly.

Keyword Implementation

I use the keywords I found to develop a targeted content strategy that reaches the qualified potential leads you’re looking for.

Search Engine Positioning

With more useful content around keyword ideas that are relevant to your industry, your rankings will increase and you’ll get higher search engine positioning.

Like other changes in a business, inbound marketing and implementation sometimes take time.
So it helps to have a partner in the process.


Inbound Marketing & Content

Content marketing is the bread and butter of most inbound marketing strategies. While the tactics behind content marketing are changing as algorithms improve, the general concepts are the same: write detailed content that helps your persona.

Writing content is hard. It’s not exactly my forte. However, I can definitely help you connect with expert content creators. Together we can create and launch a content marketing strategy that helps you generate leads.

inbound marketing content


Inbound Marketing & Social Media

Social media marketing is where your business engages social media users. From sharing your blog articles and other relevant industry information to posting news about your team. Everything you post and share about your company on your social media accounts is SOME marketing.

Whether you’re hoping to boost SOME engagement or increase brand awareness, I help you build a strategy that meets your goals.

inbound marketing social media


Landing Pages

A landing page is a page (other than your home page) where visitors enter your site and land when they click on it from another site, a search engine or from a link. If you run paid ads or highlight offers via content on social media, the landing page is the first page your visitors land on when they click through to your site.

My goal is to drive visitors to an optimized landing page that captures their contact information and gives them the content they’re looking for. Here are some of the best practices I use to optimize landing pages:

inbound marketing landing pages

Crisp Design

Your landing page should be clean. Unnecessary content, images and navigation elements can distract visitors and prevent them from filling in forms and converting.

Winning CTAs

Call-to-actions buttons should be easy to find and specific. A potential customer should be able to see immediately what they need to do to get the content they want to access.

Short contact forms

Never ask for more information than you need. The more fields in the contact form a visitor has to fill in, the fewer will be submitted.

Compelling Content

Every landing page needs content, but never too much. Include only one relevant keyword, and minimise the number of sentences to a maximum of two.


Email Marketing

Email is one of the few opportunities you have to talk to your customers who already know you. It’s incredibly valuable.

I help you communicate the right information to the right leads at the right time by segmenting your email list based on your buyer personas, and developing an email marketing strategy that meets your goals.

Whether you want to create brand awareness, engage potential customers who have fallen out of the sales cycle, or nurture new leads – I segment your list according to the right criteria.

inbound marketing email newsletter

Your customers are more likely to make informed decisions with the help of inbound marketing

My goal is to provide the right content to the right people at the right time in order to improve your marketing and grow your business. I help you with marketing automation, CRM implementation, consulting, migration, integrations, and so much more.