Digital Marketing & Local SEO Services for Lawyers

seo for lawyers

Go beyond word-of-mouth marketing to get new clients who are actively searching for lawyers and legal firms in your area.

Save your costs on expensive advertisements in the yellow pages and the local newspaper. Instead, invest in digital marketing and local search engine optimization to attract your clients with a higher return on investment.

Get more calls from people searching for lawyers and legal firms in your city.

Is your legal practice invisible on the Internet?

If your law firm is stuck on Google’s page three or four or nowhere to be seen, you are seriously hampering your reach for new clients and new cases.

My search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you reach a broader audience and convert more clicks into clients and cases.

Get your next Million-Dollar Case

How many clients and cases can you get from online marketing?

There are over 40,000 searches performed on Google per second.

In terms of Lawyers, the monthly search volumes in some of the cities are listed below:

  • criminal lawyer sydney” receives 3,600 searches each month
  • immigration lawyer nyc” receives 2,400 searches each month
  • employment lawyers london” receives 1,300 searches each month
  • divorce lawyer vancouver” receives 880 searches each month
  • family lawyer auckland” receives 720 searches each month

Further to this, the search volumes are much higher for general terms such as “lawyer near me” or “legal firm near me”

Through my digital marketing and SEO services, I connect you to these constant streams of potential clients.

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SEO for Lawyers & Legal Firms

Be Found Online for Legal Services

seo for lawyers

Search engine optimization can help you expand your legal service and maintain a competitive edge over your competitors.

The type of leads I generate for you come mostly in the form of phone calls and contact enquiries from your website and a variety of other listings throughout the web.

Personalized landing pages on your website for each area of legal practice is an excellent way to drive more calls to your legal service, as they can be used to target several types of audiences.

You can schedule a free consultation with me and we can discuss how to grow your legal service with digital marketing and local SEO.